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Welcome to Pristine Property Cleaning. Only because it doesn’t look as full of life as when you purchased it, you don’t need to get rid of your couch. Our trained technicians provide a comprehensive cleaning service for upholstery that can help bring life back to your favourite sofa or upholstery. Professional cleaning of your upholstery in Eynesbury will also allow it to last longer. We know how much a lounge suite can cost, so we know how important it is to keep it looking and feeling great.

Regular use and ongoing wear will make your products settle on and inside a general film of dirt and grime. Kids, pets, outdoor workers and reckless spills can also contribute to the heavy usage endured by many chairs and sofas. We use state-of-the-artwork at Pristine Property Cleaning to ensure that your sofa lounge remains new and fresh for longer.

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Commercial & Residential Upholstery Cleaning in Eynesbury

Couches, no matter whether they are commercial or residential areas, are bound to get dirty on a regular basis. And if a coach lies there without any use over time, it will get dirty. Dust, allergens, carbon particles, and pollutants are drawn from the air by couches and other similar upholstered furniture.

You are potentially using a couch full of toxic contaminants when you do not have them washed professionally. Such contaminants can cause significant health risks, such as excessive sneezing, coughing, chronic asthma, etc. Until you get couch cleaning done, you and your loved ones are at risk. Unclean couches at home and in the workplace build an uncomfortable environment. For your industrial and residential couch cleaning services, make bookings with us. Carry a breath of fresh air to Couch Cleaning Eynesbury today with result-oriented couch cleaning services!

How Our Certified Experts Clean your Upholstery in Eynesbury?

The cleaning process at Pristine Property Cleaning for your couches starts the moment you ring us up. We’re getting down to work on your couches with your first call. We prepare a schedule, adjust it to your convenience, and arrange for your place to be visited by our couch cleaners. We deliver domestic couch cleaning as well as commercial couch cleaning. The following procedure is strictly followed step-by-step once our cleaners enter your place:

  • We inspect your upholstery using our expertise and knowledge of the various fabrics to find out which cleaning method will be most suitable.
  • In order to use the most suitable cleaning solution, we check the couch/upholstery for spots and stains.
  • Tough stains are pre-treated for better outcomes if needed.
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that do no harm to the fabric of your sofa, children, pets, or even the atmosphere but are immune to stains. For a solution like that the sofa would be pre-sprayed.

How Pristine Property Cleaning Can Help You?

The upholstery in your home can get dirty and have strange embarrassing odours. Furniture is used regularly and no matter what precautions you take it will end up getting dirty. Dust, dirt and allergens will embed themselves deep with the fabric. These pollutants can cause health issues and are released with everyday use. Upholstery cleaning will help to extend the life of your furniture and improve the air quality in your home.

Dirty upholstery will make your house feel unclean and unwelcoming. Our highly trained and fully licensed technicians know how to perform upholstery cleaning without causing any damage. After they have completed your service you will notice right away how much better your upholstery looks and smells.

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