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Hire Professional Commercial Cleaners For Your Commercial Cleaning Service Needs In Melbourne

Pristine Property Cleaning provides a wide range of commercial cleaning services. Our exceptional services are available in Melbourne and around. Our experienced team of commercial cleaners has delivered thousands of cleaning jobs for various businesses.

Pristine Property Cleaning is one of the most trusted names when it comes to commercial cleaning services in Melbourne and has earned this trust through years of delivering quality services that satisfy our customers.

We understand the importance of clean commercial space for any business, and at the same time, it is crucial to find the right cleaning services for the well-being and health of the people in an organisation. A healthy and clean work environment is something that is integral for any commercial business and helps in creating positive vibes for the employees, customers, and partners, thereby enhancing the overall business profitability. This is why we work with the aim of providing professional cleaning services in Melbourne.

What Involves in Our Commercial Cleaning Services?

Our cleaners clean every type of commercial space. Making your business premise look beautiful isn’t enough anymore. We offer commercial cleaning solutions that are customised for any space.

Our professional cleaning services involve cleaning of offices, restaurants, hotels, function venues, schools, educational institutes, entertainment centers, medical facilities, warehouses, retail spaces, and shopping malls. We are well aware of the massive duty cleaning techniques and space enhancement services that can be extended to your commercial space to maintain its visual appeal and hygienic quotient.

Need for A Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

No matter the type of commercial business, a business owner expects that area to look clean and smell fresh every day. The brand reputation —as well as the health of staff members and the people you serve—depends on having a healthy environment that’s thoroughly clean and free of germs, grime, and odors.

Our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Includes:

  • Offices, Common, and Tenanted Areas
  • Factories and Warehouses
  • Retail Outlets and Shopping Centres
  • Hotels and Function Rooms
  • Schools and University Campuses
  • Handover Clean Ups
  • Common Spaces and Apartments
  • Residential and Commercial Vacate Cleans
  • Emergency Services 24 Hours / 7 day a Week
  • Event Cleaning
  • Hard Floor Restoration
  • Stripping and Sealing Hard Floor Surfaces
  • High & Low Rise Window and Glass Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Car Parks and Externals
  • High Pressure Washing

Our Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Our team has set the gold standard in the cleaning industry for over a decade.

  • Team of experienced commercial cleaners: For an exceptional cleaning and healthier facility, one needs advanced cleaning equipment that goes far beyond the traditional cleaning string mops found in the closet. Our unique cleaning process is a combination of advanced disinfecting chemicals and cleaning protocols that remove the maximum dirt and help reduce the risk of illness.
  • Industry-grade cleaning chemicals: We use hospital and industry-grade cleaning chemicals that kill germs and viruses that have the potential danger of infection.
  • Advanced Vacuum cleaning: Captures particles to reduce dust, helps Improve indoor air quality and quieter than most vacuums.
  • No Business space is too small or big for us: We provide commercial cleaning for all the businesses, whether it is small or big. With a thorough and consistent cleaning service, we are committed to delivering peace of mind.
  • Customise Cleaning Package for your specific cleaning needs: We are here with an affordable and effective cleaning package when it comes to customising the cleaning solution that’s right for your business. We create a custom cleaning quote that depends on the facility size, the frequency of cleaning, complexity, building layout, and other specific cleaning needs.

What do We provide in Our Regular Commercial Cleaning Services?

Our customised cleaning programs involve cleaning the areas with high-touch points and heavy traffic areas that are often ignored.

  • Some Spaces Need Extra Special Care: Our preventative maintenance provides a thorough and consistent clean in highly-trafficked and hard to reach places. Add on our exclusive services to increase the lifespan of your floors, fabrics and more.
  • Commercial Cleaning Services that consists of: When you hire a reputed commercial cleaning company, it’s vital to know what kind of cleaning services they are offering. The leading commercial cleaning companies will give you a quote that includes routine cleaning as well as additional cleaning packages.
  • Dusting: The first step of any commercial cleaning is to remove the dust that collects on and around surfaces. We use reliable methods for actually removing the dirt—rather than just spreading it around—which can also help reduce allergens.
  • Vacuuming: Our professional commercial carpet cleaners then vacuum the high-traffic areas to clean the dirt and debris brought in by visitors’ shoes.
  • Mopping: The hard surface flooring in any space can become dirty after a busy day of high foot traffic. Regularly cleaning and taking care for each flooring type preserves the longevity of the floor and provides your business and brand with a professional touch.
  • Trash Removal: Stinky garbage with the trash left in your premise overnight can be quite a surprise in the morning for your employees. Removing waste, cleaning receptacles and replacing trash bags after the end of the day can make a huge difference.
  • Regular Wiping for floors and other areas: We use disinfectants and the right cleaning tools to remove bacteria and viruses that cause illness.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Aside from routine vacuuming, carpet can also require more attention in the event of a spill, or a build-up of grime from foot traffic.
  • Upholstery clean: Furniture and fabric décor can also require cleaning outside of routine care to keep them germ-free.

Features of our Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Trash disposal
  • Complete care and cleaning of the floor
  • Cleaning and dusting of furniture, etc.
  • Hard Floor Restoration
  • Stripping and Sealing Hard Floor Surfaces
  • High & Low Rise Window and Glass Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Car Parks and Externals
  • High-Pressure Washing

Why is Commercial Cleaning so Important for any business?

Just like residential cleaning, Commercial businesses also need to be clean and hygienic. It is never the right decision to ignore the cleanup since it is related to the overall brand image of the business. Moreover, a company means more employees working every day, and it is never a smart idea to compromise the health of any staff members, especially in this tough situation of CoronaVirus infection. Health and safety standards for businesses set by the government make it mandatory for all to hire a professional commercial cleaners. It is best to go for these tasks to a professional commercial cleaning service provider, as this task gets handled in an advanced and effortless manner.

It is not possible to expect high productivity from your employees if you do not provide them with a workplace that is immaculate and free from all germs, causing diseases. If you want to promote a neat, clean, and productive work environment, then we are always happy to help.

Importance of hiring a commercial cleaning service for businesses

Increased productivity- A cleaner work environment translates directly to higher productivity in the workplace. Don’t burden your staff with cleaning duties. Instead, contact us and our commercial carpet cleaners in Melbourne will take care of the rest.

Commercial cleaners are experienced- Nothing beats experience when it comes to a professional cleaning job. Our commercial carpet cleaners have gained reputation and accreditation based on their work experience, and they know what they are doing. Hence, it is ideal for letting them do the job that they are experts in.

A clean work environment is beneficial for the business overall- Nobody wants to work for a company that cannot even keep its offices clean. The cleanliness of your business directly reflects the level of organisation that it has. It also reflects the brand image of the company. Having a clean environment also helps in attracting new clients, customers who might visit your company for business purposes.

A Reliable, Reputed and Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Over the years of providing cleaning service, we’ve learned what makes a good relationship between a cleaning company and clients. We know the hassle and pressure of cleaning the facility; it takes additional time as well and the investment. With Pristine Property Cleaning, you are not hiring a franchise; you are hiring professional cleaners who care about your commercial business and deliver the quality service with your industry needs.

For over the decade, we have been committed to providing the utmost professional commercial cleaning experience in Melbourne.

For our customers, we are:

Available with short notice and flexible cleaning schedule: We are open every day and are ready to handle your cleaning requests and concerns at any time!

No Need to sign Long-Term Contracts: We earn all our business and loyalty through the quality cleaning job!

Certified, Experienced and Trained Cleaning Staff: Our cleaners go through rigorous screening and training to ensure the highest cleaning service to our clients!

We don’t charge over-priced cleaning package: Our cleaning packages are affordable and come with a free no-obligation quote.

Here are some key questions to ask while hiring a commercial cleaning company?

  • After booking the appointment, how soon can the cleaning job start?
  • How many cleaners will come to clean the facility?
  • What is the frequency of cleaning services we can expect?
  • Are there any time limits while cleaning the facility, or do you provide the flexible cleaning schedule?
  • What will you do during a regular cleaning service?
  • What additional cleaning services do you offer?
  • Do you have experience cleaning all types of business facilities?
  • When can you provide the invoice?
  • What is the payment process you accept?

Where to Begin Your Commercial Cleaning Search?

There are several cleaning service providers out there, but it may be challenging to decide who to hire. When beginning your cleaning company search, consider the following things:

Search online for commercial cleaning and office cleaning services near your areas. Visit their website and read the testimonials.

Ask other businesses in your facility or on your block; get their recommendation. See if they have any reliable cleaning company that they hired before.

Avoid asking friends or family who cleans their domestic properties; commercial cleaning requires advanced skills.

Once you’ve found commercial cleaning service providers in Melbourne that seem reputed, ask them a quote and on-site visit so that you can show them what exactly you are looking for in terms of cleaning service.

Not only does Pristine Property Cleaning have a strong presence in several markets in Melbourne, but our network of valued business owners who is also referring to us as a one of the highly recommended commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne.

Why Choose Pristine Property Cleaning?


We at Pristine Property Cleaning, always use advanced cleaning tools, systematic procedures, and eco-friendly chemicals. This is how we ensure the health and a clean work environment for you for your employees and your clients.

Our clear aim is to provide quality commercial services in and around Melbourne; we always look forward to providing a flexible cleaning schedule that is best suitable for you.

    1. Scintillating clean: As a reliable commercial cleaning company, Our cleaners keep your property scintillating clean and germ-free from all bacteria and viruses.
    2. Cutting-Edge cleaning technologies: We use the most advanced cleaning technologies for our cleaning process and provide better results.
    3. Insured and bonded with professional staff: Our commercial carpet cleaners are professionally trained and highly -equipped for cleaning services to ensure a quality outcome.
    4. Trustworthy crews: Our trustworthy and reliable teams understand your specific janitorial needs and act accordingly.

Sanitisation and Cleaning in the time of CoronaVirus Outbreak

Unexpected events will happen that require emergency cleanup. Timing is critical in these situations to prevent further damage and preserve a healthy environment. Pristine Cleaning Company is available to handle these emergencies. Whether it’s about sanitising the whole area to prevent virus infection, water cleanup or storm damage cleanup, we will respond quickly. We’ll have your building clean and ready for use in the shortest time possible.

Keeping a Clean Workplace Environment is our responsibility too

Just because your business is hiring a professional cleaning service company does not mean that employees, visitors or customers can be messy. It is still important to have good habits when it comes to having a clean area.

In the office, each individual area should have its own trash can for the convenience of all.

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