Medical centre and Clinic Cleaning

Medical centre and Clinic Cleaning

A superior cleaning and maintenance of great hygiene is obligatory for the medical centre in order to keep staff, patient’s health and safety intact. To retain infection prevention and controls in a vulnerable place like a medical centre, an expertise cleaning company is highly recommended. Pristine Property Cleaning services are there for you, your ultimate solution whom you can trust on for your medical centre cleaning without any stress.

Management Policy

Pristine Property Cleaning Services uphold a standard cleaning policy for every cleaning premises according to the necessity and to make the most of the services to maintain health and safety policy to a high standard. We boast that we would execute our best possible service, therefore the patients and the staff members feel fresh and safe inside the medical centre.

Chemicals and schedule policy

Cleaning a medical centre cleaning is not like washing your hand once off, which needs a regular and properly scheduled cleaning. Pristine Property Cleaning Services would make sure which area cannot be missed for regular cleaning e.g. consultation rooms, patients waiting rooms, toilets, showers, pathology areas and reception areas and glass walls, wall marks, less usable furniture can be done on alternate days.

For medical centres we select the best quality of chemicals , at the same time we ensure it doesn’t affect the health and safety issues to the patients and staff.


We constantly monitor our staff and performances to ensure that our standards of cleaning are met at the appropriate level and nothing gets missed out. A professional company like Pristine Property Cleaning Services guarantees you that you won’t have to worry about lifting micro- fibre cloths , rather you would be rest assured that cleaners are following set rules, everything is being done smoothly on an ongoing basis.

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