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Why End Of Lease Cleaning In Point Cook

Point Cook is the fastest growing suburb in Victoria, Melbourne, and is loved by residents so far. As per the recent study, anyone who once resides here, either ends up buying the property or increases the lease agreement with the landlords. It is even turning to weekend homes for many people as it has a limited number of population and is well equipped with any facilities you ever need or demand. Professionals, young families with kids, and retirees are turning to this place to experience peace and calmness to cope up with their daily life struggles. And most of the newbies lease the property at cheaper rates to maintain the balance between their income and expenses. The place is ultra-clean compared to other suburbs of Melbourne and this is the reason the landlords expect the tenants to go a little beyond their capacity when it comes to giving back a clean, unstained, and polished property. This is the main condition applied while ticking the boxes of the end of the lease to-do checklist in Point cook. If this is done all correctly, one gets the bond amount back without any deductions.

This is where we come in the picture. As a leading end of lease cleaning service provider, we are a mutual connecting point between you, your landlord, and your bond money. And above all, your last moment savior.

End of Lease Cleaning Services Benefits With Pristine

  • No compromise with quality
  • 100% bond back guarantee
  • Any short notice we can attend
  • Vacate cleaning – Not based on hours
  • High standard equipment & service
  • Quality service & support
  • Move out cleaning at short notice
  • Reliable customer care & supervision.

Why You Should Not Clean Your Own Rented House? Hire End of Lease Cleaning In Professionals Point Cook

We know you are a jack of all and would be thinking to save money in every possible way. But wait, did you know even these angles were present but you never paid attention to it while you did it yourself end of lease cleaning in Point Cook? Ignoring the bond cleaning and not hiring a professional end of lease company in Point Cook can be a costly affair in the end.


When you are leaving your current house and moving to a new apartment, money is a constraint substance, and we are well aware of it. You would like to save every bit of it to buy that one glittery item for your new house or that new wardrobe. But you think the time for cleaning the entire house for hours is worth the investment? You have the packing, cleaning, cooking, and a regular job waiting for you right at the moment. Also, that emotional attachment gearing up in your heart while leaving the space you once decorated and gave all your heart to. It’s not easy to leave the memories behind. We understand that and this is the reason, we, at Pristine Property Cleaning Service centre conducted research and as per the results, 70% of people who are on the verge of leaving their rented property at a point emotionally collapse and they end up not cleaning the property as required. By chance, they can’t see the house so empty and plain again. And due to this, in an emotional state, they end up losing their bond money.

To overcome this problem, our professional end of lease cleaning team in Point Cook provides a pocket-friendly customised plan for your needs. You just need to hire our end of lease cleaning service in Point Cook for the stuff you feel is actually dirty or needs more cleaning. You can select the spot of your choice as well as take advice from our cleaning experts. This will save your time, energy, monetary resources as well as that jiffy where you can have your ultimate coffee at your favorite corner and enjoy your last moments.


In our past 10 years of experience into the end of lease cleaning service in Point Cook, we have seen many relationships getting stained in the name of cleanliness between landlords and tenants. In the process of saving some money, tenants often end up leaving more stains and dirt on the furniture and walls. We assume your entire family is professional at cleaning and maybe 200x careful in the process but this is not the time and the day. You can opt for this idea for your own house. For this rented one, it’s good to hire expert end of lease cleaning professionals in Point Cook who know when, where, and how to clean the house as per the landlord’s checklist.

Our end of lease cleaning experts in Point Cook are well trained and are aware of the landlord’s requirements. And we support the landlord’s idea as we know how difficult and embarrassing it is to show the same house to the next tenants in case the condition is bad. We believe it is not the duty of the landlord to take care of the cleaning part but the duty of the tenants to give back the property as it was handed before the contract. The cost of maintaining a house is not easy and this is the reason we are opted by most of the tenants in Point Cook for our quality end of the lease cleaning process as per the required Australian standards.


Do you know which liquids are used to clean the ceilings and which mixture will help you remove the termites forever or till the landlord’s inspection? You will be guided by the shopkeepers while taking your notes one by one from your pocket. Put your end of lease cleaning worries on our end of lease cleaning professionals in Point Cook. Rest assured, we shall clean the home with the utmost care.

Our end of lease cleaning professionals in Point Cook are tutored with the knowledge of different sprays, liquids, masks, pastes, mixtures etc. and their use on the surfaces. They are trained in understanding a particular solution working in a particular condition and on a particular material. They are frequently given pieces of training through practical workshops on the usage of disinfecting solutions for a particular space. For instance, our experts know disinfecting wipes won’t work while cleaning a broad surface or strong disinfecting sprays can’t be used with children in the house or in the children’s room. These are small things but make a huge difference when it comes to the health and money of the tenants.


Our whole cleaning staff is soft-spoken, down-to-earth and children- friendly. You can feel safe and comfortable when they are around you.

This is how we work-

  • Give us a call or book an appointment
  • Our end of lease experts from Point Cook will arrive and discuss a customised plan with you.
  • They clean the space in the designed hours of 24 hours duration.
  • They smile and bid you bye.


You cannot just contact us for the end of lease cleaning in Point Cook but can even contact us for end of lease cleaning in Point Cook and other suburbs of Melbourne, whenever needed.

Our price: From $200

House or Apartment size Without carpet steam clean With carpet steam clean
Studio Apartment From $200 From $250
1 Bedroom From $250 From $300
2 Bedroom From $300 From $400
3 Bedroom From $400 From $450
4 Bedroom From $450 From $550
5 Bedroom From $500 From $600

Our Vacate Cleaning Process

Pristine Property Cleaning’s process of end of lease cleaning in Point Cook includes various stages. These are as follows:


In this stage, our cleaners visit your property at a specified time and inspect it thoroughly before executing our vacate cleaning plan.


In order to provide maximum satisfaction, we understand your requirements and make a plan accordingly. We hence apply a customised approach to design a plan that suits your requirements.


After the first two stages, we implement the end of lease cleaning plan. For this, our experienced personnel use modern techniques that assure the best results. In this manner, we are able to assist you in getting your bond money back in full.

Our Other Professional Services

Apart from end of lease cleaning in Truganina and Tarneit, we provide a range of other cleaning services. These are:

Call now to avail our class-apart End Of Lease Cleaning Point Cook & Vacate Cleaning Services

All personnel, working under Pristine Property Cleaning Services are competent professionals, with years of experience in the End Of Lease Cleaning industry. There is no job too big or small for them, as they are thoroughly trained and vetted before being assigned to different Vacate Cleaning jobs. They will arrive right on time, get all jobs done to perfection and with efficiency. Unlike most companies, our End Of Lease cleaners by making use of elbow grease, bring your property to pristine condition.

We only use the best End Of Lease cleaning equipment and products, ensuring complete hygiene and thorough cleaning. To hire our cheap expert End Of Lease cleaning, get in touch with us on the details given below.

Call us today on 0433 603 968 Or You can also drop us an email at info@pristinepropertycleaning.com.au.

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