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Is your dirty upholstery constantly bothering you? Do you love your once beautiful couch and chairs, but wish you could bring them back to their former glory? Have you tried it all, but you just can’t get it thoroughly cleaned, to the point that you’ve considered completely replacing your furniture?

We appreciate the anger and appreciate that it is just not a feasible choice to replace furniture. That’s why Pristine Property Cleaning is here to aid in Truganina! It is impractical and expensive to buy new furniture, but we are delighted to tell you that all hope is not lost! To clean any fabric and add the ‘new furniture’ freshness back to your living room or workplace, our company has qualified professionals and eco-friendly items.

Why Resort Pristine Property Cleaning for your upholstery cleaning in Truganina

Although you can clean your furniture with a regular vacuum or using UV rays, these techniques do not always work, although they are fine. In addition, they are not enough to kill off germs and dust mites even when effective. The outcome of our deep-cleaning process, which penetrates deeper into the fabric and cleans out all those unwanted particles, has been proved by trial and error and years of study and experimentation.

In Truganina all our equipment is state-of-the-art and we use certified machines of the highest quality. We will first power-wash your furniture by using a combination of water and our own chemical-free cleaning product, penetrating the fabric to dissolve dirt, dust, mites, and all other germs. Then our device removes the water immediately and leaves your fabric clean and fast-dry.

In no time at all, our high-tech equipment and trained professionals will leave your upholstery looking and smelling new.

What are some benefits of upholstery cleaning?

What are the advantages of washing up your upholstery? Apart from the obvious pleasures of getting clean and new fragrant furniture without the hours of effort, there are some major benefits to professional upholstery cleaning in Truganina.

    • Further-lasting. Our method penetrates deeper into the fibres of the fabric compared to conventional ways of cleaning, providing a longer-lasting cleaning. Better looking, better looking. While we are sure you can get your furniture looking fresh and fab with enough time and energy, we can achieve the new-furniture glow in a fraction of the time!
    • Hypo-allergen. Our all-natural, eco-friendly products are hypoallergenic, and without the use of chemicals, our deep cleaning is assured to remove dust mites and allergy-inducing germs.
    • Investment Safeguard your savings. Extend the life of your furniture and continue for years to come to enjoy its comforts.

Still not convinced? Contact us and talk to an advisor about your personal situation, you’ll be astonished by how knowledgeable our professionals are and you can ask them any question about upholstery and the various methods used for cleaning different fabrics in Truganina.

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