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After a long day’s work, nothing beats lying on a soft, smooth, and velvety soft sofa. In addition to its apparent function as furniture, sofas and other upholstery, the interior design of our home also has a tremendous influence. They actually consider it an investment for some homeowners. And just like any other investment, for as long as we have it, we have to make sure to keep it as safe as possible.

Daily maintenance of your sofas will retain the elegance and retain the furniture’s robustness, not to mention keeping it as comfortable as a brand new sofa.

Things to consider when you are purchasing your upholstery this will help you maintain in a better way:

Choose The Right Fabric in Tarneit

Make sure that you select the right fabric for the right place where you are going to put the furniture before buying the sofa. This will help facilitate the repair of the upholstery. You should also remember, more than that, how the furniture would be used. If you need it for heavy use, such as in an entertainment room or a dining room, the use of synthetic fibres is recommended. And if you have animals, make sure that you do not pick fabrics that are too textured and have loose weaves. You don’t want the sofas to unravel, don’t you?

Pay Attention to Maintenance

Be sure to attend to it properly in case of spills or other liquid-related accident. To prevent it from sticking to the cloth, do some “first-aid” acts, particularly for those that can cause stains. Do not let the liquid be absorbed by the underlying padding. Only make sure to follow the directions of the suppliers when washing or wiping the spills. To ensure its consistency, you can also use fabric protectors on your upholstery.

Be Wary of Harmful Cleaning Materials

Don’t just use anything that you will find in the market. Make sure that you will only use cleaning solutions and materials as recommended by the manufacturer. Not all cleaners are safe with the fabric of your sofa; some can be harmful and can ruin it. Incompatible cleaners can cause permanent damages to your upholstery such as discolouration and thinning of the fabric. The best solution: test it first or just have a professional from Pristine Property Cleaning in Tarneit to handle the deep cleaning for all your upholstery needs.

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Tarneit For your commercial cleaning needs

Pristine Property Cleaning also offers upholstery cleaning service for the industrial sector, apart from residential upholstery such as sofas and dining chairs. The office and conference room chairs of your company are subject to conditions identical to those of your house.

In addition to drapery & curtain cleaning, we also clean sofas and armchairs that you might have in your reception room. For both residential and commercial upholstery, our cleaning method is comparable-hot water extraction, and your office will benefit from the same advantages-a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Our upholstery cleaners in Tarneit will take extra steps to prevent fabric shrinkage and preserve the quality of your upholstery for many years to come.

Pristine Property Cleaning in Tarneit Guarantees:

  • 100% Clean Upholstery
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions Safe for Family, Pets & the Environment
  • No Sticky Residue Left Behind Your Upholstery & Sofas Stay
  • Clean Longer Extends the Life of Your Upholstery

Why Choose us for your Upholstery cleaning Needs in Tarneit?

An upholstery set is an important furniture piece that is commonly found in any home or office space. A regular deep cleaning service is vital to ensure they are not only visually clean but more importantly that the upholstery is thoroughly sanitized. The truth is vacuuming your upholstery does not get rid of all irritants completely. Instead, they tend to move closer to the surface.

Pristine Property Cleaning’s detailed process for cleaning ensures that dust, dead skins and sweat are successfully removed.

  • Microscopic bacteria/ germs causing allergies
  • Bed bugs bothering your sleep
  • Hair and fur trapped deep in the fabric upholstery
  • The dirtiness of office carpets and cubicle partition

Our complete upholstery cleaning services in Tarneit offers you a professional, detailed and thorough cleaning service for your property space. We will also complete a thorough review of your upholstery when we visit your home or office (workspace). Our deep cleaning service is efficient enough to clean the deepest stains, gentle enough not to affect furniture and healthy for your entire family, colleagues and clients.

To know more about what Upholstery care and maintenance we provide, get in touch with us.

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