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You’ll find a new stain on your upholstered furniture every few days. Especially if you have kids or pets at home, there’s a far greater risk of your sofa or couch getting dirty. It is almost difficult to wash these stains yourself completely. Even if there is no stain on your upholstered furniture, it has a lot of bacteria and unwanted germs that you certainly do not want to be present in your home.

At Pristine Property Cleaning we have outstanding cleaning facilities for you. We use the latest technologies in the industry. Our primary goal is to please our clients. There are a variety of types of upholstered furniture which must be thoroughly washed.

We provide our upholstery services in Sunshine, such as lounge cleaning, sofa cleaning and sofa cleaning, cleaning all kinds of upholstered furniture and applying for upholstery protection. We hire the industry’s finest individuals when it comes to delivering Upholstery cleaning services. To do their work, all the professionals are well qualified and accredited.

Pristine Property Cleaning team at Sunshine is waiting to hear from you. We have the solutions for your cleaning problems.

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Why Choose Pristine Property Cleaning for your Upholstery Protection in Sunshine?

  • Our specialists know how to treat various types of fabrics for furniture. Depending on how fragile the fabric is, we use a particular treatment.
  • We have special equipment for all the various forms of upholstery that exist.
  • In the lounge and home furniture market, our cleaning method is one of the most creative and effective.
  • They do a proper initial investigation of each piece of furniture before our team actually begins cleaning, to come up with a personalised cleaning pan for you.
  • Technicians of Out pay particular attention to the big stains
  • We have a system that helps to dry the furniture quickly and makes it available for individuals within 2-3 hours.
  • To ensure a healthier existence, we have additional stain-protector coating and deodorizers, which are easier for you to maintain and no bad odour in the furniture.
  • We have cost estimates for you and provide packages based on your needs.
  • All our customers are guaranteed the highest product solutions

Our technicians are there to offer you the best services available to restore and revive your upholstery. Upholstery cleaning has proven to improve the air you breathe in. It also prevents your family from sickness caused by the germs and bacteria found on the upholstered furniture.

You can call us to know about our different packages. Our team is always there to help you out with your queries.

What Do We Deliver?

Sunshine’s Pristine Property Upholstery Cleaning offers couch steam cleaning, lounge security, and sofa stain removal services on the same day. We have the skills to scrub and keep them dirt-free again, whether it’s your favourite sofa, mom’s favourite couch or your granddad’s super cute rocking chair.

We understand how these things are so dear to you and your family that we know how a sofa can carry a thousand memories, such as celebrating the first birthday of your child on it, and so on.

Remove dirt and harmful pollutants efficiently with our effective couch cleaning once your upholstery undergoes the constant torment of daily usage and gathers large amounts of dirt from frequent usage, it is a must to call the aid of skilled cleaners to remove grime, germs, body oils and salt from it efficiently, as well as deep-rooted pollutants.

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