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General Tips to Keep Your Upholstery Cleaned for a longer time. Here are general tips to keep your upholstery cleaned for a longer time.

  • Vacuum your upholstery daily.
  • If any stains occur clean them immediately.
  • Avoid eating and drinking while sitting on the couch.
  • Get help from us at Fresh Upholstery Cleaning.

Specialised Treatments for Different Upholstery in Essendon

There is a various category of upholstery furnished at your home. Different upholstery has a different process of cleaning. Sometimes due to differences in fabrics and sometimes due to differences in shape, cleaning them requires caution.

This is why the difference lies between armchair cleaning, wool couch cleaning, lounge chair cleaning and sofa cleaning methods. Professional cleaning services can easily analyse the difference and act the needful to clean your upholstery effectively while maintaining its condition and building act.

Pristine Property Cleaning team at Essendon is waiting to hear from you. We have the solutions for your cleaning problems.

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Fabric Couch Cleaning Essendon

As stains on fabrics do not go so quickly, cloth couches are much more difficult to clean. In addition, if you have pets at home, because pets’ furs, dandle, and urine can make your fabric couch a germ house, it can also become an issue. It is also best to hire a specialist in that situation. Our experts in Essendon will ensure the proper cleaning of all the stains, dust and odour from your cloth sofa.

Stain Removal in Essendon

Stains not only destroy the look of your upholstery but also store germs and harmful bacteria. While getting rid of tough stains is not an easy task, you can always rely on our experts for the same.

We have the right equipment and chemicals to remove even the toughest of stains from your precious upholstery. Be it is a stubborn coffee stain or toughest blood /red wine stain, our Pristine Property Cleaning team in Essendon tries to make it vanish completely. (*terms & condition apply)

Why Choose Pristine Property Cleaning for your Upholstery Needs in Essendon?

Have you tried cleaning your furniture upholstery yourself and never got the desired results?

Our upholstery cleaning specialists will refresh the appearance of your leather or fabric upholstery.

  • Prolong the life of your furniture
  • Remove the odour or smell.
  • Remove skin cell, body oil, pet hairs etc.
  • Improve lounge appearance
  • remove Allergens

Our Pristine Property Cleaning Process in Essendon

  • Inspection
  • Preparation
  • Pre-treatment
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Protection
  • Drying
  • Inspection

We are a small locally bred team of experienced, licensed and trained upholstery cleaners. The main objective of our team is to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our upholstery cleaning services. Our cleaners live all across Essendon to be able to provide quick cleaning services.

    • Extends the life of your carpet Reduce & Prevent
    • Indoor Allergies Improve air quality at home/office.
    • Refresh the new look of your carpet
    • Enhance the Appearance of your Home/Office Improve the Life Expectancy of the
    • Carpet Dust mites completely removed using steam
    • Maintaining the true colour of the carpet.
    • Trained
    • Qualified
    • Certified
    • Available
    • No hidden charges
    • Seamless Communication
    • Reliable
    • 100% satisfaction
    • Honest, friendly and reliable staff
    • Attention to Detail
    • Flexible Cleaning Times
    • Quick Turnaround Time

Why is Upholstery Cleaning Important in Essendon?

Animal hair, cigarette smoke and food stains can all leave your sofa and soft furnishings looking and smelling less than their best. If you want a thorough clean for your curtains, couch or cushions, then why not ask about our upholstery cleaning? Essendon locals can enjoy furniture that looks and smells like new, for a fraction of the cost of replacement or reupholstery.

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All personnel, working under Pristine Property Cleaning Services are competent professionals, with years of experience in the Upholstery Cleaning industry. There is no job too big or small for them, as they are thoroughly trained and vetted before being assigned to different Upholstery Cleaning jobs. They will arrive right on time, get all jobs done to perfection and with efficiency.

We only use the best Upholstery Cleaning equipment and products, ensuring complete hygiene and thorough cleaning. To hire our cheap expert Upholstery Cleaning, get in touch with us on the details given below.

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