How Does Water Extraction Service Help Your Upholstery?

Upholstery Cleaning

Do you wonder why your upholstery fabric fades? Or why does your upholstery smell like the food you’ve spilled on it? The explanation is very clear. Upholstery is porous and thus absorbs the environment’s dirt, grime, and odour. Thus, the colour fades and begins to stink, too.

Still, for all these issues, there is an easy solution: skilled and professional Upholstery cleaning services. Professional cleaning companies use various upholstery cleaning techniques for various forms of upholstery. The most popular, however, is the method of cleaning upholstery is by using hot water extraction.

While cleaning the sofas and upholstery furniture, the main concern is the over-wetting of the materials. High moisture slowly destroys the upholstery. With advanced technology, however, modern instruments and equipment use low moisture skills for drying upholstery.

How does Upholstery Dry Cleaning for Hot Water Extraction work?

  • In the cleaning unit, the water and cleaning solution mixture is heated. Most practitioners have moved to use healthy and eco-friendly cleaning products that do not harm the pets and children.
  • After the water-cleaning solution’s temperature is between 50-120 degrees Celsius, experts inject it at high pressure into the upholstery. The warm water helps to break down dirt and dust while destroying all the germs as well.
  • The professionals apply cleaning solutions for a spot treatment that help to loosen the stains or spots. For skilled upholstery dry cleaners, it is much better to eliminate them.
  • The advanced cleaning system is used by experts to remove all the filth from the upholstery along with 95 percent water.

Benefits of Hot Water Method Used on Your Upholstery

There are quite a few benefits of using the method. To completely grasp the cleaning of hot water extraction carpets and upholstery, remember the following:

  • The only thing used to clean the carpeting and upholstery is water, which makes this process ideal for people suffering from allergies or asthma.
  • We are using little to no detergents, and what is used is completely safe for your kids, animals, and the environment.
  • Hot water extraction treatment is able to refresh the pile of your rug from head to toe, leaving it new and stain-free for much longer than with the other techniques, unlike dry cleaning and steam cleaning.
  • The water-detergent ratio is strongly in favour of water, meaning that after each treatment, no chemical residue will be left behind.

Wrapping Up

Hot water extraction is the best way to get carpets clean. A yearly professional hot water extraction cleaning from Pristine Property Cleaning experts will remove the dirt and grime that commonly builds up in a carpet and causes unnecessary wear and tear. Enquire now for a free quote.

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