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Trusted Car Detailing Near Essendon

Whether it’s paint protection, correction or restoration, our team of professionals can provide you with quality work done right. The best way to maintain the exterior beauty of your car is through care, cleaning and detailing from an expert in Essendon.

When a car is being detailed, all inside and outside surfaces of the vehicle are sanitised. This process starts with using soap and water on hard exterior and interior areas like dashboards or consoles. Later comes cleaning up any grime that might be present for more difficult tasks such as wiping down interior compartments.

If you’re looking for car wash services near the Essendon area that will provide the highest quality of work, then Pristine Property Cleaning Services is your go-to company. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality control standards, guaranteeing affordable services all year.

Professional Car Steam Cleaning Services in Essendon

Car steam cleaning is one of the best solutions for the interior and exterior. The high temperature brought on by steam can kill off any dirt-loving bacteria or viruses that may be present, restoring optimal conditions for cleaning. Not only does this method provide sanitisation, but it also helps remove odours.

When you need to keep your car looking new, call our experts for a steam cleaning for your car near your home in Essendon. We have the perfect solution that will work on all types of leather interiors and efficiently get rid of any stains or dirt. 

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