We Clean Melbourne’s Commercial and Residential Carpets One At a Time

We provide various professional cleaning services including carpet steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning, regular domestic cleaning, water damage restoration, commercial office cleaning, and tiles cleaning in Melbourne.

At Pristine Property Cleaning: We want to earn your business!

Did you know that 60% of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by polluted air we breathe indoors? Carpet and upholstery fibers that trap microbes and allergies can make it even worse. Ensure your family’s and employees’ health by calling us for professional-grade carpet cleaning services! We use products that will thoroughly sanitise your carpets, furniture, and vents. call 0433 603 968 today!

Why Choose Pristine Property Cleaning Services Melbourne?


PRISTINE PROPERTY CLEANING is a 10-year experienced, privately owned carpet cleaners and one of the most specialised COMMERCIAL and DOMESTIC cleaning service providers in Melbourne having countless satisfied customers. Our mission is simple: strive to provide our customers with the highest quality cleaning services in Melbourne, Australia.

Pristine Property Cleaning


Pristine Property Cleaning Services provides highly efficient professional carpet cleaning services.

Pristine Property Cleaning


If you are moving out of a rental property and are worried about end-of-lease cleaning.

Pristine Property Cleaning


COMMERCIAL cleaning made affordable for almost every property and business owner in the city.

Pristine Property Cleaning


DOMESTIC cleaning service provider having countless satisfied customers.

Over the ten years, we have honed and perfected our carpet cleaning services. Our dedication to excellent customer service means that we don’t leave a job until it’s done right, and this perfectionism and commitment to our customers’ satisfaction has been the source of our success in providing quality and cheap professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne. Our best professional carpet cleaners have been specially trained and are prepared to meet all your cleaning needs. We provide various cleaning services in Melbourne.


Pristine Property Cleaning Services is offering highly efficient, professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne. We are proud to be in the industry for more than a decade with an excellent track record. Our superior quality cleaning services have been acknowledged by the countless customers across Melbourne who kept on calling us for years and recommending us to many others. Their enormous reliability has always escalated as we provide one of the most efficient and cheap carpet cleaning services.

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A Trusted Name in Providing Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Since commercial buildings receive much more foot traffic and result in more dust and debris, it requires advanced cleaning techniques and equipment. A single stain can give the entire commercial space an unprofessional impression. In commercial business, it takes a few seconds only to make a first impression, and the dirty carpets scene makes it worse for your brand reputation.

So, for this reason, there’s a crucial need for hiring the commercial carpet cleaning company who can deliver effective cleaning results. If you want to make a good brand impression on your clients and want to increase the sales of your shopping centres, then ensure to keep your carpets spotless and dirt free.

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Why is commercial carpet cleaning significantly a Need of an Hour for businesses?

Maintaining the carpet is an ideal way of increasing the longevity of your carpets. The grime that visitors’ shoes bring inside the commercial space can accumulate inside the carpet fibres, and with time, it can make them internally weak too. This, as a result, can ruin the entire look of your floor space and can make it appear dull and awful.

Carpet is an asset that one must never overlook at any cost since neglecting these for a long time can lead to the potential danger to the visitors as well as the employees. Issues. Cleaning these will reduce these allergens and can also help your business to run smoothly, thus by improving its productivity.

There are numerous reasons for hiring the commercial carpet cleaners that you will come to know after going through the information below.


Commercial Carpet cleaners are trained and proficient enough to recognise and comprehend the best solutions for cleaning the space from scratch; also, they are familiar with every technique regarding how to eliminate those tough stains since it’s our daily errand so our cleaners understand which cleaning product is right for what kind of fibre and what kind of cleaning tools will work best to clean the particular type of carpet.

In every way, you will get the benefit by hiring our professional carpet cleaners.

Advanced cleaning methods

If you try to use DIY cleaning methods, then, of course, you will use brush and detergent water, and you may harm the carpets more. On the other hand, if you hire the professional services of our cheap steam carpet cleaners, then we will carry quality cleaning equipment and chemical-free cleaning solutions to clean the carpets appropriately. In addition to this, we will utilise special treatments to maintain the carpet fibres quality and to eradicate all kinds of spills and stains. Also, we carry powerful vacuums that can suck all wreckage and filth layers stuck in the fibres.

Professionals Get the Cleaning job done Right in the first time

The major issue with DIY cleaning carpets is one won’t be able to get the perfect results in just a single clean. Even, after cleaning the carpet multiple times, there’s no guarantee for getting the best outcomes. Why not hire our professional carpet cleaners and get desired results in just a single clean? This way, you can save you enough time and money that will benefit you as well as your staff working over other business processes.

Eradicate pesky lingering odours

The major issue with the dirty carpets is lingering odours that can make the area unhygienic and unhealthy. Even if you try to remove all carpet stains by using detergents, then also you won’t be able to get rid of odours. However, our professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne can help you in such cases, as it’s our responsibility to handle every cleaning issue without any hassle and put our hands in giving your carpets a fresh smell again.

Hiring our professional commercial carpets cleaners will benefit people in every way, as we make use of eco friendly and child-safe cleaning products. We also schedule a custom cleaning plan that will not only make your carpets appear great, yet it will leave a welcoming and healthy environment for your staff and visitors visiting the place.

Professional Carpet Cleaning services
Vs DIY Cleaning Techniques

We all vacuum a couple of times a month and spot-clean our carpet regularly, no doubt about it. But do you remember when the last time your soft flooring surfaces were clean professionally was? There’s no way to ignore the importance of deep carpet cleaning, both at home and in commercial settings. A professional carpet cleaning service in Melbourne not only preserves the longevity of your carpet but improves the quality of the air we breathe indoors.

At Pristine Property Cleaning, it’s our mission to exceed your expectations with our commercial carpet cleaning services. This dedication to providing the best carpet cleaning service is the driving force behind our unique cleaning process. It is designed to get deep into carpet fibres to remove the dirt, allergens and contaminants that even the best vacuum or store-bought carpet cleaner leave behind. We also groom your carpets when the cleaning is complete, and we can clean your other upholstered surfaces as well.

Carpet Cleaning Service With a Conscience

Your carpets have the right to remain clean. There are some existing beliefs that carpet cleaning services are ideal for those who have not enough time and energy to spend for this typical activity. Hiring best professional Carpet cleaners is not an investment that mainly saves time but one of the great health investments as well. Maintaining your carpet well-sanitised and clean provides great benefits, not just the appearance of the area but the health of people that use it. They help people achieve a more healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

It’s very important to make things properly cleaned and organized for people to feel at ease. This will definitely protect them from acquiring disease that may affect their work and daily life functionalities. Hiring expert commercial carpet cleaners are the best option to help you save not just time and energy but money as well. In other words, your carpets and area rugs will never be cleaner or look better than they do after our carpet cleaners in Melbourne will clean.

Why Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne?

Below are the reasons why hiring professional commercial carpet cleaners in Melbourne rather than use any DIY methods

If you will not hire the best carpet cleaners, how can you be so sure that the Carpet you washed or vacuumed is really cleaned and bacteria-free? Our Carpet cleaners in Melbourne have comprehensive knowledge about all kinds of carpets and rugs. Pristine Property Cleaning does have the right equipment and proper understanding of advanced carpet cleaning ideas that can remove bacteria that cause irritation and allergies. It’s better to give us the job to save your energy for other things that are much worthy of your time and money.

Cleaning Services That Shine

We at Pristine Property Cleaning, use specific carpet cleaning methodology depending on your carpet type. Each Carpet is made uniquely and differently; there are nylon, polyester, coir fibre, cotton, and organic wool. With our effective yet cheap carpet steam cleaners who have adequate understanding about several types and brands of carpets, it allows us to become more competent in suggesting the most appropriate method of cleaning according to its type.

Frequently, we are the one who visits your commercial and residential area to conduct analysis before we begin the carpet cleaning procedure. Identifying the best-suited methods result in the hygienic and new-like appearance of the item.

Our commercial carpet cleaning services involve effective and advanced carpet cleaning methods and equipment. This includes steam cleaning, dry cleaning, hot water extraction and a lot more. Our commercial carpet cleaners also use heavy-duty equipment such as absorbent pads and industrial suction machinery that brings out stains, dirt and dust particles from the Carpet.

Cheap Carpet cleaning service in Melbourne with the Quality Result. Don’t Believe Us. Hire Us and Find Out

Our on-priced cheap carpet steam cleaners give Carpet deep clean that removes pollutants were normal and even regular vacuuming cannot. Dirt, cockroaches, allergens, dust particles are just some known pollutants that easily get trapped in rugs and mats. The airborne gasses contain potential carry particles that can leave in the Carpet. This can contaminate commercial and residential air that causes breathing problems to the users.

Professional commercial carpet cleaners prevent dangers that are caused by humidity. When an area contains great humidity level; this can be a big risk for mould development, especially during wet weather. Dirty and dump carpets can be high risk for mould to occur due to the moisture being trapped in it that creates hazards. Once the carpets were not properly dried, expect that moisture will sink into it. We use proper mechanisms that fully disinfect the item.

Other Professional Cleaning Services

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What Benefits Will You Get?

Upon hiring our commercial carpet cleaners in Melbourne, expect that you will witness the following benefits:

  • Professional Commercial and residential carpet Cleaning Services
  • Fast and Remarkable Carpet Cleaning Services at Affordable rates
  • Easily improve overall look of Your Residential & Commercial Spaces.

Carpet Cleaning doesn’t require more time and money—all it requires a trusted cleaning service company in Melbourne that truly understands your immediate cleaning concerns. Whether you are busy with your daily routine or looking for a professional cleaning touch, we are here to help you.

As a leading carpet cleaning company in Melbourne, we are here to make your life easier through our exceptional cleaning services. What are you waiting for? Don’t just sit back and relax. Start visualising your clean space now! Our company is always here to meet your needs. You just have to contact us right away!

We know the Cleaning Industry Inside-Out!

With decades of cleaning experience, we know how to meet or exceed our client’s exceptional needs. Unlike others, our cleaning company is proud to announce that we are completely following green cleaning technology that never harms the environment.

To give you some overview, here are the top reasons why you need to hire us:

● 100% Cleaning Service Satisfaction
● Provide the Finest Carpet Cleaning Service with Equipment and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals
● Team of Professional and efficient carpet cleaners
● Meticulously Screen Our Staff as per Government rules and authority steps
● Conduct Relentless Quality Inspections for cleaning staff and equipment
● No Hidden Charges and Absolutely Affordable Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne
● We are bonded and insured

We Treat Your Properties as Our Own and much more!

Pristine Property Cleaning understands that you always want to avail the best carpet cleaning services, and that’s the reason why we are here. All you have to do is to call us for your cleaning needs; our staff will provide an immediate schedule for your carpet cleaning services. We take pride to provide detailed cleaning services that truly suits your needs. We offer a flexible schedule that enables you to choose from, from bi-weekly to monthly cleaning services.

GET TO KNOW US: We are a NO Gimmick company with NO HIDDEN FEES.

With over 12+ years of experience delivering quality residential and commercial carpet cleaning service in Melbourne and surrounding areas, Pristine Property Cleaning is the right choice for your home or business cleaning needs. As a professional Carpet Cleaning service provider, we offer a wide range of cleaning services including upholstery cleaning, hotels cleaning, factories and warehouse cleaning, end of lease cleaning, special stains removal, pet odour treatment, and domestic cleaning services.

We use quality environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals that not only leave your carpets clean also make your carpet floors soft and residue-free. Our cleaning team believes in giving our customers not only excellent service but also quality and value in the affordable pricing.

Contact us today, and our team will help you learn more about our cleaning process; Visit our website and send us an enquiry to get a free quote for your cleaning needs, or schedule a cleaning service.


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